We Make Good Things Better

News Design Associates is a small team of experts with many years' experience developing and producing smart, informative, intelligent and entertaining publications. NDA is one of the world's most successful newspaper design and editorial consultancies with clients - including major international daily and Sunday newspapers, small city dailies, weeklies and special interest newspapers and magazines - in North America, Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

What are the qualities that
put News Design Associates in such demand? Our prices are very competitive, and we develop clearly-defined editorial plans and unique designs that are easy to implement, backed up by full stylebooks, simple formats and first-rate typography - including custom fonts from our associate, the internationally-respected typographer Nick Shinn.

News Design Associates is headed by
Tony Sutton, who has more than 30 years of world-wide experience as a newspaper and magazine editor, publisher, trainer and consultant. His work has won many awards in contests organized by the Society of News Design, Canadian Art Directors Club, New York Type Directors Club, Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators in Communication (CAPIC) and other professional organizations.

Canada’s national newspaper The Globe and Mail, which Sutton redesigned in the 90s, was twice recognized as one of the world’s best-designed newspapers by the Society for News Design, while the Glasgow-based Sunday Herald, which he helped launch in 1999, has regularly been acclaimed as one of the best papers in Britain and the world. Recently, NDA's clients in Australia and Northern Ireland won top honours from the Pacific Area Newspaper Association (PANPA) and Britain's Newspaper Society. (See NDA Notes, our client news-sheet.)

Sutton is the author of several books and booklets including Creative Newspaper Design, Creative Magazine And Newsletter Design, and 99 Ways To Improve Your Newspaper (also available as a free pdf download)